Hydraulink - proud to be the power behind Emirates Team New Zealand

Hydraulink are proud to be an official supplier to ETNZ - with our hose and fittings linking the hydraulic systems since 1995.

There’s a real buzz in NZ at the moment thanks to Emirates Team New Zealand’s fantastic win, bringing home the America’s Cup.

It’s a pretty big deal – especially to the Kiwi’s, but also for the Aussies (thanks to an Australian skipper).

A win like this puts NZ on a world stage - meaning loads of pride, festivities, the prestigious opportunity to host the next race, financial investment in local sites and infrastructure, boosted tourism and a big parade next week - it’s also a big deal for all of us as the wider Hydraulink network because in our own way, we’re also all a part of this win.

Hydraulink is the official supplier with our hose and fittings linking the hydraulic systems for Emirates Team New Zealand. An association we're very proud to have.

Hydraulink have been supplying product and working with ETNZ since 1995 and we’re proud to say there has not been a single product failure throughout our time together.

As this win and our association with ETNZ is a source of great pride for all of us, we commemorated the occasion with some congratulatory newspaper ads in the NZ Herald.

Hydraulink look forward to a long, successful supply partnership with ETNZ and to their continued success.

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