Heron Construction

Heron Construction needed assistance from Hydraulink to repair a 100 tonne Liebher digger on a barge in Auckland City.

Heron Construction’s 100 ton Liebher digger on the Kimahea barge in Auckland city. This machine has a 15 metre reach and dredges up the channels around the waterfront. It has
4 stabiliser arms that are each 20 metres long and push down into the ground,
starting digging.  

Heron Digger on barge July 2013

Each of the four stablising arms are driven by hydraulic winches which require high pressure, multi-spiral hoses.

Heron Constuction own 3 barges, for the dredging process and call on Hydraulink Sales and Service Technician Dale Donaldson, when repairs are needed. Dale says, "the team at Heron Construction often call me when they spot the signs of hose wear and tear. This minimises the possibiltiy of hose failures causing environmental issues by oil spills".

The onboard computer, running the Kimahea digger is a $600k investment in itself. Sophisticated sensors show the driver locations to dig and areas to avoid.



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