ENDURO spiral is an extremely flexible slim profile hose featuring our very high wear and abrasion resistant SuperTuff (ST) MSHA cover for increased protection against abrasion in severe operating environments. 


The Proven Hydraulink Difference

The performance, sophistication and operating pressures upon hydraulic equipment have increased significantly over recent years, and the price of such equipment has moved ever-upwards as it gets better and more capable.

With individual items of equipment costing well into six figures – and the biggest items and fleets into the multi-millions – it makes simple economic sense to maintain the expanded capabilities of this advanced technology to ensure safety, efficiency and uptime on the job.

Servicing top equipment is a job for top hydraulic service technicians, and that’s where Hydraulink comes in, with; 

  • Quality ranges of hydraulic hoses, fittings, fire suppression, automatic lubrication, and accessories proven to last in the harshest conditions
  • Proven experience with servicing and supply for heavy hydraulic equipment
  • Purpose-built, fully equipped containerised hose-making facilities delivered to mining or large project sites
  • Hose and fittings training conducted on your site tailored for your equipment
  • Technical support and backup by an experienced and dedicated team who attends the site
  • Continuity of supply
  • Packages designed to fit and assist a 24/7 operation


Overall – Hydraulink’s aim and purpose is to keep industry, equipment and valued customers working by maximising the productivity of expensive machinery. The company does this by delivering quality products and prompt service via a highly skilled and trained team across a wide and readily available network.

With an extensive network of over 400 service points across New Zealand, Australia, and the Pacific Islands, Hydraulink have a “can do” attitude that focuses on keeping customers and industry moving. Hydraulink stands for exceptional service, long term business partnerships, quality products and trained, qualified, experienced staff who prioritise safety. 

No race to the bottom

Hydraulink’s “Best Under Pressure” team regularly and systematically reviews customer relationships to find what clients most value in their relationship.

One of the interesting things to emerge from our outreach was that customers were typically not interested in a race to the bottom, focussed solely on the cheapest job. Sure, they wanted competitive pricing, but not at the expense of sustainable machinery performance. They were highly focussed of having the reassurance of a partner that would be there with the right skills when they were needed.

Getting the best out of machinery is a deep value equation, not hit-or-miss, or DIY, to save a dollar today for a big risk tomorrow. Why would you do that, risk a fortune to save a dollar? Why would you spend your time doing a job someone else can do better, faster and with greater certainty?

The value chain needs to be understood. Deep value is a very different thing from upfront superficial small savings on the first invoice or trayful of parts that can age and become outdated. It pays to look deeper, and ask your supplier the right questions, including performance criteria above. Because you may quickly discover that, if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.


To find out more, use the contact form above, or call / email our NZ National Sales Manager, Rob Naughton, direct - / 027 270 1852