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With our expertise and comprehensive range of hydraulic solutions, we are here to support your construction projects. From tailored advice to reliable products and services, Hydraulink is your trusted partner.

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Our Extensive Network Across New Zealand

With the largest distributor network in the country, we bring hydraulic solutions to every corner of the country. We provide 24/7 mobile service to keep your construction operations running smoothly, anytime, anywhere. Count on us to minimise downtime and maximise operational efficiency, no matter where your projects are located.

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Unlock the full potential of your construction projects by leveraging our extensive expertise, exceptional service, and national coverage. Hydraulink, the first choice for construction industry hydraulic solutions.







Products That Are up for the Challenge

At Hydraulink, we pride ourselves on offering products that are up for the challenge, capable of withstanding even the toughest conditions. Our extensive range of hydraulic solutions are manufactured to deliver remarkable durability and reliability. From heavy-duty hoses and fittings to tough hydraulic components, we offer industry-leading products that are built to last. With Hydraulink, you can trust that your construction projects will be equipped with the highest quality products that can endure the intensity of the operating conditions, ensuring optimal performance and peace of mind.

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Best Under Pressure

As industry leaders in the construction sector, our products are tested against the stresses of a commercial or industrial workload. Our expertise and cutting-edge technology enable us to deliver outstanding hydraulic solutions in high-pressure situations. We’re your first point of call, providing high-performance products and services when you need them most. With Hydraulink by your side, you can confidently tackle any construction challenge and ensure optimal performance in even the most demanding situations.


Unlock the Secrets of Hydraulic Hose Failure

If hydraulic fluid is the driving force of your machinery, hydraulic hoses are the arteries of the system. But without proper maintenance, these crucial pieces of equipment can break down. Stick with us as we break down the common causes of hydraulic hose failure and explain how you can prevent these issues from arising.


The Benefits of Hydraulink’s 24/7 Mobile Breakdown Service

Are you tired of your heavy machinery’s hydraulic systems failing at the most inconvenient times? When disaster does strike, you can rely on Hydraulink for a fast and effective solution every time. With a team of highly trained specialists and a footprint covering the country coast to coast, North and South, we’ve got you covered.


Why You Need a Quality Fire Suppression System

If your business relies on heavy machinery to complete its work, fire hazards are a real risk that you face every day. If a fire were to break out, wouldn’t it be great to rely on a system that protects your people and minimises your downtime? Introducing the quality range of Muster Fire Suppression systems.