New Hydraulink CCR powerhouse invests in containerised workshops, FIFO, and 24/7 mobile services for WA mining and drilling organisations

New Hydraulink CCR powerhouse invests in containerised workshops, FIFO, and 24/7 mobile services for WA mining and drilling organisations

New Hydraulink CCR powerhouse invests in containerised workshops, FIFO, and 24/7 mobile services for WA mining and drilling organisations

Australasian hydraulic hose and fittings leader, Hydraulink, is investing in a major boost to the scale and scope of its operations in Western Australia with the acquisition of CCR Hose & Fittings, to form Hydraulink CCR.

Hydraulink Australia Managing Director, Denis Matulin – who was in WA to introduce the new venture’s powerhouse service capabilities – says it draws together, and further expands the well-established strengths of two highly compatible organisations.

“It merges their complementary strengths into one group, with an even stronger overall service offering to the resources sector and WA industry, including 24/7services through an expanded mobile service fleet, greater FIFO capability, and on-site containerised workshops that can be placed virtually anywhere to lift uptime. This is a major investment in WA, the benefits of which will progressively flow through to Hydraulink services to mining, drilling and major projects in other areas nationally.”

“CCR has excelled through long term relationships with major miners and mining service companies, particularly with its experience in containerised workshops, fly in fly out (FIFO), hose assembly, and maintenance services for both fixed and mobile plant applications,” said Matulin.

These strengths are complemented by the resources, skills and reputation and backing of Hydraulink, which is one of the fastest growing hose and fittings companies nationally, as well as in the NZ and the Asia-Pacific region. Trading under the market signature “best under pressure,” the group has proven capabilities and service strengths not only in mining and resources, but also in important WA industries including agriculture, construction, earthmoving, forestry, logistics, materials handling, waste management, and other industries that utilise hydraulically actuated equipment.

CCR is now bringing its assets and experience into Hydraulink’s extensive national network of 14 company-owned sites in Australia, 135 network partners, and 150 service vehicles offering 24/7 onsite and mobile services to the same high levels of outstanding service, safety, standards compliance, traceability, and diverse machinery and equipment knowledge.

As the two organisations merge operations – retaining CCR’s skills base and further up scaling Hydraulink’s size in Western Australia – their mining and surface drilling clients will gain access to a substantial increase in inventory levels, as well as a sizable extension to the total product offering.


Added value for WA operations

The new Hydraulink CCR organisation will provide an expanded range of benefits designed to optimise safety and uptime, as well as deliver cost efficiencies to WA mining and surface drill rig operations. These include: 

Expanded Product Portfolio the merger will bring a sizable extension to CCR’s existing product offering, providing options for cost savings, improved inventory management and enhanced application performance of world-class product and engineering that is fully safety, Standards and traceability compliant to mining, and major industry standards.


Safety audits and training - Hydraulink CCR provides on-site training for site personnel.

Value engineered cost savings – Hydraulink CCR are experienced in collaborating with process and efficiency engineers to identify cost reduction and productivity opportunities.

OEM hose kits – Hydraulink CCR has the capability to manufacture OEM hose kits for mobile plant applications. Existing contracts have demonstrated a 30% reduction in cost, with shorter lead times, says Matulin. 


Service focus

“Our aim, with the new combined entity is to take service to a level previously unseen in WA. Being backed by a much larger, financially robust organisation, means we will have the power to invest in additional service offerings to meet the growth needs of operations in the region,” said Matulin.

“We appreciate that these operations strive to achieve minimal downtime, while optimising safety and standards compliance, and efficient operations. These are areas in which we excel nationally and which we can now deliver more extensively than ever.

“The combined expertise in the new Hydraulink CCR organisation will focus on delivering these objectives wherever they are required, and also expanding the range of services available under one roof. This streamlines the supply chain at a time when swift supply of proven expertise it vital to productivity,” he said.

“Where mining and drilling companies are doing their own repairs or utilising sub-contractors for the whole site, Hydraulink CCR can provide hose and fittings with end-to-end traceability, reliability, and expert service to minimise downtime and delay.”

“Having one powerhouse organisation with expertise in hose and fittings, containerised workshops, FIFO base operations, safety audits, and other related services will provide significant benefits to WA mining and drilling operations, and we look forward to continuing to add more services that benefit these customers.”

“Hydraulink is excited to expand its services in WA, and this acquisition brings together two complementary businesses, who share the same vision for innovation, safety, and unparalleled customer service,” concluded Matulin.