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  • Sizes above 20 (1.1/4) are available on request.
  • Please enquire for other combinations of base size and thread form.
  • Overall length when connected is calculated based on both couplings having the same thread form and size.
  • Recommended for: Construction, earthmoving, hydraulic tools.
  • Connection: Connect with pressure - screw couplings together to connect. Disconnect with pressure - unscrew couplings to disconnect.
  • NOTE: Can be connected with pressure in either or both couplings.
  • Latching: Threaded.
  • Shut-off system: Poppet valve. Reinforced guidevalve with mechanical backstop.
  • Temperature range: -25°C to +125°C
  • Standards: Faster proprietary standard. Interchangeability with all QVV series couplings to size 16 (1).
Part NumberBase SizeThreadformThread Size - ACoupling Length - BCoupling O/D - DCoupling O/DHex A/F (CHF)Hex A/F (CHG)Coupling Length - CConnected Length - LHex A/F (CHM)
QVVS-F0404BSPPF socket1/4-1958.0301-122227
QVVS-M0404BSPPF socket1/4-1943.08425
QVVS-F0606BSPPF socket3/8-1962.0101.1/4-83036
QVVS-M0606BSPPF socket3/8-1948.09032
QVVS-F0808BSPPF socket1/2-1471.0451.3/8-83441
QVVS-M0808BSPPF socket1/2-1453.010234
QVVS-F1212BSPPF socket3/4-1463.0551.3/4-64150
QVVS-M1212BSPPF socket3/4-1463.012146
QVVS-F1616BSPPF socket1-11100.060M52-45055
QVVS-M1616BSPPF socket1-1172.013950
QVVS-F2020BSPPF socket1.1/4-11123.080M68-66575
QVVS-M2020BSPPF socket1.1/4-1186.016765

Our product range is constantly evolving and Hydraulink reserve the right to change technical specifications without notice.

† denotes indent items. Please contact Hydraulink for availability