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At Hydraulink, we stand by our automatic lubrication and fire suppression systems to help keep your machines running optimally and efficiently while keeping you safe around potentially hazardous equipment. Hydraulink is committed to providing tailored advice and reliable products and services to keep your projects running.

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SKF Lincoln Lubrication Systems

As the New Zealand agent of high-quality SKF Lincoln Lubrication Pumps and Components, we offer two system types: Lincoln Centro-matic and Lincoln Quicklub. Automated lubrication systems typically dispense small, measured amounts of lubricant at frequent intervals while production machines are running. Our systems are commonly used in mining and heavy industrial applications.

Why do you need automatic lubrication systems?

A machine's service life and reliability depend on a proper lubrication system to ensure the most use of your equipment, which is essential for businesses that rely on productivity. Manual lubrication is sometimes tricky on staff and can even be dangerous working around hot and heavy machinery, which is why Hydraulink offers the SKF Lincoln, an automatic lubrication system.
The SKF Lincoln lubrication system is your best choice for lubrication, as it eliminates the need for downtime by automatically applying the correct amount of lubricant at scheduled maintenance intervals, minimising friction between your machine parts, reducing wear and increasing service life. Suitable for various industries, your mining, forestry, construction or agriculture machines can benefit from a simple, inexpensive and reliable system with Hydraulink.


Our Muster fire suppression systems are designed to detect and activate automatically in the case of fire. They also feature manual activation via a remote actuator that can be placed anywhere appropriate on your site for maximum safety. Our fire suppression systems are commonly used in various industries, including mining, forestry, waste management, transport, construction, and agriculture. With our vast range of fire suppression systems, you can rest assured knowing we’ll have the perfect system for what you need, regardless of your location or type of machine.


Running expensive machinery is vital for the productivity of a business, and being prepared for a worst-case scenario should always be a standard business practice to ensure the safety of both the company and staff. Engines, hydraulic systems, fuel lines, and electric installations can potentially be a significant fire risk where once ignited, fires can quickly become out of control and difficult to suppress with handheld extinguishers.
Safety is a massive concern for businesses, which is why we provide the Muster fire suppression system for your projects and equipment. With our range of high-quality systems, you can ensure your machinery operates with increased safety.

Why Choose Hydraulink

  • Proven Effectiveness

    Our solutions have a track record of enhancing equipment safety and longevity.

  • Cost Efficiency

    Investing in our systems not only safeguards your assets but also contributes to long-term cost savings through reduced maintenance and repair expenses.

  • Customisation

    Tailored solutions that seamlessly integrate into your existing operations.

  • Industry Compliance

    Our systems are designed to meet and exceed industry safety standards.

  • Mobile Service Fleet

    Our network of service vehicles offers on-site repair, service, and replacement of worn or damaged systems.

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