Lubrication Systems

Hydraulink offers both automatic and manual lubrication systems via the Lincoln Lubrication brand, to all sizes of plant and equipment. These systems ensure continuous lubrication of a machine when running, reducing costly, unplanned downtime.

Hydraulink Industrial are the New Zealand agents for high quality Lincoln Lubrication Pumps and Components. We offer two main system types: Lincoln Centro-Matic and Lincoln Quicklub. Automated lubrication systems typically dispense small measured amounts of lubricant at frequent intervals while production machines are running. Our systems are commonly used in mining and heavy industrial applications. Wherever you are, whenever a problem hits, we’ll fix it so you can get your job done on time.


Paul Randles
Product & Technical Sales Manager
Ph: 027 705 7701

Hydraulink Lubrication Product Catalogue

To view our easy reference Product Catalogue of general lubrication fittings, click on the link below:

Click here for the Hydraulink Lubrication Product catalogue

Click here for the Automated Lubrication Systems catalogue

Click here for our Industrial Product Overview brochure

JSG Lubrication Management Systems

JSG Automated Lubrication Systems quickly return your investment, increase productivity and increase profits. The increasing maximum output production methods necessary to succeed in a world competitive marketplace are pushing machine capabilities to greater and greater productivity.

Equipment failures due to inadequate lubrication of bearings and other moving parts result in costly repairs. Even more importantly, they shut down production. That's why profit-minded companies are quick to realise that a JSG Automated Lubrication System that automatically lubricates all friction points on the machine - at regular intervals - while it's running - is a wise investment.

As always, our team of expert design engineers will help customise a system exactly for your needs.

An Automated Lubrication System:

  • Reduces product spoilage costs due to over lubrication.
  • Reduces labour costs for downtime machine repair.
  • Reduces material costs for replacement bearings.
  • Reduces unplanned downtime for bearing related failures.
  • Eliminates lost production costs from shutdown for manual lubrication.

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